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Web Hosting

Do you have a problem in choosing your web hosting provider for your website? Get yourself professional web hosting service provider who can provide you dedicated hosting packages for your business needs. Trouble free network, that is secure, large bandwidth, and much more to offer.

» 24/7 technical support and 99% uptime guarantee

» Great service and affordable prices

» Easy site administration with web-based control panel

Domain Management:
» Manage Subdomains
» Redirect URLs

Email Management:
» Add Email Accounts
» Remove Email Accounts
» Set Disk Space Quotas for Email Accounts
» Virus Scanning
» Spam Prevention with SpamAssassin and BoxTrapper
» Read mail through Webmail Interface
» Manage Email Forwarders
» Create Autoresponders
» Email Domain Forwarding

Site Management:
» Manage FTP Accounts
» Allow Anonymous FTP Access
» Control FTP Sessions
» Publish to your site using FrontPage™
» Web Disk access to Files (New)
» Manage your Site's Files
» Backup your Site
» Use SSL
» Use Custom Error Pages
» Create Custom MIME Types and Apache Handlers
» Create and Edit CronJobs

» Block IP Addresses from Accessing your Site
» Password Protect Directories
» Prevent Image HotLinking
» Manage Directory Indexing

» View Raw Access Logs for your Site
» View Disk Usage
» View Bandwidth Usage
» View Web Traffic Statistics
» View Subdomain Statistics
» View your Site's Error Log
» See the Latest Visitors to your Site

Database and Development Tools Support:
» MySQL and phpMyAdmin
» Perl