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Software architect & Professional programmer, love the world of opensource. Support UNIX kernel system.


                It's me Chhatra Thapa, Consecrate Professional Programmer. I have been working dedicatedly from around 10 years in Software Engineering.

After my graduation, i have choosen PHP & ROR for programming in LINUX platform. This was the choice due to craze towards opensource on web application.

During my career, I came to know the world of Opensource. By professionally and heartly i love the world of opensource where the talented community programmer share brilliant  ideas.

My Major Expertise

  1. Professional PHP Programmer
  2. Linux Administration(RHCE)
  3. N/W Administrator(CCNA)
  4. Database Administrator(OCP)
  5. J2SE (Sun Certification)
  6. SVN and GIT
  7. Agile Methodology


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